Principles of the Warrior

The warrior is the part of our being that can readily engage in conflict. Through years of training and discipline, he is ready for confrontation whenever it may rear its ugly head.

Although the warrior can be the most dangerous person in the room, he does not come across that way.

We often see representations of the immature warrior throughout our societies. These are individuals not only ready for a fight, but are set to engage one for any reason at any time. They have something to prove, to anyone they can provoke.

While it can be disruptive and potentially destructive, this immature stage is necessary for the mature warrior to come into being. The mature warrior can put down any potential conflict that may arise, but does not actively seek conflict. The mature warrior is non-reactive in the face of challenge, knowing he is the superior. He is protective in his calmness and genuinely a joy to be around.

Traits of the Warrior 

  • Strength
  • Risk taking
  • Responsible for action and results of his actions
  • Resilient
  • Respectful
  • Disciplined

Negative Traits

  • Overly aggressive
  • Actively seeks conflict
  • Has to be the victor in every situation
  • Need to prove himself, constantly

Types of Warriors

The warrior archetype can be utilized to empower many different aspects of our lives. The warrior does not always brandish guns and swords as his weapon.

  • Mindful Warrior
  • Wealth Warrior
  • Social Warrior
  • Spiritual Warrior
  • Earth Warrior
  • Physical Warrior

Becoming the Mature Warrior 

  • Researching warrior archetypes – biographies, movies
  • Meditate on your core values – holding firm to what you believe in but being flexible and adaptable
  • Taking time to take a step back – gaining a view of the big picture
  • Studying strategy rather than tactics
  • Knowing when it is ok to lose a battle in favor of the war
  • Play the bigger game over a long term


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