What can you Do about the Shadow Side of your Higher Being?

Lurking deep within the darkness of the abyss, and calling out to the light of creation, we find the Beast of the Abyss, the Hierophant of Apotheon; where the eight faces of the Ogdoad merge into one.

This is the awakening of the great horned beast, UR.

The primal nature of UR reminds us of our connection to the primacy of the abyss creative forces.

As many minds are attuned to the idyllic notions of divine forces being of peace and creativity, UR reminds us of the divine shadows of destruction, the clearing of space, the removal of the redundant, which are all necessary for new growth.

Just as the volcano clears the lands, it also fertilizes the soil to make ready for new growth.

Don’t Fear the Beast

The beast is not to be feared, but to be respected, embraced and transcended. Those who linger long with the beast of the abyss find a world in constant disarray. Yet, the power enacted by the beast can be utilized as a transitory force, pushing one further to the heights of divine realization.

We can see UR as Choronzon from Enochian, Thelemic and Chaos traditions. The primal force, lurking in the abyss of knowledge, the Daemon of Da’ath, calling us to re-engage the primacy of creation, and the primacy of one’s own being.

It is ar too easy to get lost in atavistic thought with UR. To become primal, as the beasts of the earthly realm. To regain one’s primal sensibility as a corporeal beast.

UR drives this primal atavism to the very core of all reality, to the core of the abyss, beyond any illusions of self and self-constructed reality.


UR’s darkness encapsulates and dissolves the light just as the light of the Beast casts away false shadows. It is both light and dark, dark and light. The Beast is neither dark nor light, and is both light and dark. A paradox transcending paradigms of duality.


Absolving, dissolving,disillusion and dissolution.

And never forget, for all its ferocity, the Beast can be a lover, too.

Do not undertake this step lightly, for as you tread closer to the light, the shadows sharpen and deepen.


When you are ready to face the beast and begin the process of awakening your higher being. follow the link below.

The Abode Upon the Abyss



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