The King’s Ascension

KIngs ascension 1

The Archetype of the King is the center of his realm, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. His mere presence conveys this connection to your whole being.

To hold his position, the King is Centered and Grounded. From this place, he remains in a non-reactive state

This grows from the strengths of the Mature Warrior. This involves, listening, remaining calm and observes drama & stressful situations without negative reaction. Knowing that engaging the drama empowers it. Keeping a distant position, with awareness allows the non-reactive wisdom of the King to preside and resolve the situation as is necessary.

Traits of the King

  • Visage of power and balance.
  • Non-Reactive – Often a silent look is all it takes to establish authority. Speaking slowly, with a deeper voice conveys this stance.
  • Traits of the King
  • The ability to make a decision, quickly, and stick by that decision is
  • Integrity: discern your own Code of Honor and live by it
  • Inspires others to rise to the pinnacle of their capabilities
  • Generate and distribute abundance
  • Intermediary between divine and mundane
  • Cooperative and collaborative


Negative Traits

  • Assumption of Divine Right to rule
  • Tyranical
  • Exploits others for his own gain
  • Corruption
  • Controlling and Cruel
  • Overly Competitive

Working with the King Archetype

  • Build a Realm
    • Connect with your Divine Will
    • Become Decisive
    • Build daily processes that create your ideal state of life
  • Establish Order
    • Set Core Values
    • Protect the sanctity of your ideas
  • Hold and Advance
    • Develop practical wisdom
    • Set measurable goals with deadlines
    • Create collaborative relationships
    • avoid corruption
  • Leave a Legacy
    • It is not about what you take with you, but what you leave behind.
    • Impart you wisdom on family, friends, acquaintances – anyone you meet in life
    • Develop a plan that lasts generations

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