Have You Met Your Higher Self?

At last, the journey is complete. From its origins at the center of all creation, through the abode and its inhabitants, to confronting the great beast of the abyss, the journey culminates in the realization of higher being.

Known throughout various mystical traditions as Daemon, Genius, Kia, Nous. This is the epicenter of your spiritual being. The great unknowable that is known through all things in your life, and the source of your own purity.

Meeting Higher Self

Connecting with this being is like awakening. Formless within form, knowable yet unknown, the heights of consciousness and perception yet perceivable to the limited mind.

When personified as a being, it is a projection of the Beast of the Abyss. When realized as the subtle infinite potential of consciousness, it is as a thin golden veil or a harmonic resonance permeating all things in your life. Look for it, and you will miss it. Become it and you will be.

Apotheon is the observer that cannot be observed – knowing that the act of observation is the ultimate act of creation.

The Final installment of the journey is complete, and you are invited into the throne room of higher self to realize the heights of your spiritual existence.

The Abode Upon the Abyss


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